Matters of little importance

  • Feb. 14th, 2013 at 6:55 PM
mathewjpallett: (Default)
It's around this time of year that I begin to think "what would Prince Robot IV do?"

This is entirely due to the fact that I've recently been reading Saga which I found to be exceptionally written and the somewhat subdued nature of the illustration often lead me to overlook things that I'd missed on the first read through. I've also bought a copy of Spring Snow by Yukio Mishima(despite having over twenty books in my to-read list) which arrived about half a month after I'd ordered it. There is one small problem with the book (other than the fact that I can't find any of my bookmarks and don't want to start reading until I can find one) is the fact that I ordered a hardcover and what I received was a paperback. I don't want to send the book back after it took so long to get here in the first place, and the book is surprisingly well made fro a paperback printed in 1974, from my experience the glue in a book of that age would just about be ready to give out and send pages flying everywhere.

I've also received a door knob which I need to fix onto a brand new replacement door which I had to buy after my brother broke the existing door. As door furniture is surprisingly expensive I found myself looking at Ebay for a suitable handle and this one which can be locked form both the inside and outside was less than half the price I'd have to pay if I'd gone to Wickes. The only real problem is to do with the manner in which the knob has to be affixed requiring a 23mm hole for the latch and a 50mm hole to fit the handle as the knob is fastened with screws on the inside which connect to a column on the inside of the external handle which passes through two holes in the latch so everything is held fast. I have no drill bits of the size necessary for this task, nor a rotary saw to trim the door to the correct width for the door frame.

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