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  • Mar. 7th, 2013 at 10:00 PM
mathewjpallett: (Comix)
The re-branded MCM London Comic Con returns to the Excel Exhibition over the weekend of 24th-26th May 2013. There isn't a lot of information available about guests other than Mark Meer the VA of Mass Effects (Male) Commander Shepard and Raphael Sbarge the VA of Kaidan Alenko who also appears in the Television Fantasy series Once Upon a Time. Keegan Connor Tracy who also appears in Once Upon a Time and series producer Jane Espenson are also lined up for the event.

So far there isn't a lot of Comic-based content for an event claiming to be a Comic Convention (unless you're in the camp that believes Once Upon a Time ripped of Fables) but there's still over two months until the actual event and KaPow isn't running this year, possibly due to Titan Comics expansion of its original content line but the Comic Village will make a return, even if they do position the tables so close that thy become virtually impassable once vertical banners have been set up behind them. 

As always Stir Fried Product will be available at this event, although the odds of sfp#7 being ready are not good. This is due to the reduced availability of time to get pages drawn coupled with the fact that the scanned pages still require considerable clean up even when I've used a virtually un-scan-able pencil (maybe I should have got a pack of Col-Erase Non-Photo Blue Pencils) and I'm uncertain whether I'll be able to get any copies posted to me on time as I've recently noticed that postal times have recently gone down the toilet with secoind class postage taking up to a week to get to me. 

what to do, what to do?

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