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What Happen? Someone Set Us Up. THE BOMB!!

  • Apr. 6th, 2013 at 8:50 PM
mathewjpallett: (Ultra Jump)
Today has been especially unusual due to the unseasonably cold weather of recent weeks giving way to spring (a bit like the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail where Spring and Summer give Autumn a miss and go straight into Winter) I was surprised by the clear sunny skies and warm sunshine and a chilling breeze to remind me that it still isn't Summer yet. I still remember that this time last year I'd just been to the Hospital to have my Wisdom Teeth removed so there wasn't much I could do and not much I could eat besides the canned Devon Creamed Rice I'd had the good mind to purchase before hand. 

I'm still experiencing difficulty with my scanner which gives me exceptionally rough scanned lines which take quite some time to clean up which leaves me with little time to catch up on my reading. I recently acquired Tsutomu Nihei's first work to be published by Marvel Wolverine: Snikt! which seemingly takes some guy whose name is Logan and has clawed gloves and dropping him into the world of Tsutomu Nihei (of which I have only read Biomega and Knights of Sidonia). The five issue series was published way back in 2003 and for some reason was never collected in trade paperback.

I also have several issues of Howard the Duck which were printed in the year I was born and for some reason have two different covers with pricing in either pence or cents so you could probably find these for sale at the local newsagent. I actually got these at Christmas and still haven't read beyond an initial glance to check on the paper quality.

I recently started reading Koji Suzuki's Loop and felt that the copy that I bought back in 2007 (a Book Club Associates edition) was somewhat smaller than the larger HarperCollins editions of Ring and Spiral and decided to get a copy that would match their stature and wouldn't look out of place when placed together on a bookshelf. The only drawback is the fact that only the Vertical Inc. hardcover edition was available. As I can see them side-by-side I'm not actually too fond of the Vertical cover which was designed by Chip Kidd even with the optical illusion created by overprinting a transparent dustjacket (which was already broken in several places when it got to me) but the HarperCollins cover isn't without it's faults either using the same typeface and layout used on Ring, Spiral and Dark Water.

I also got a copy of Koji Suzuki's first Novel which is probably his fifth to be translated to English  and I can say that I do not like the cover at all. Cutting the title into two different sections of the two images that make up the cover makes it more difficult to recognise at first glance, but then most bookstores I've been to have the books shelved with the spines facing out. The main part of the design that I can't  stand is the fat tat it has A Novel printed on the cover as if it were part of the title, which it is not. I've heard that the designer was given free reign to design these covers as Vertical didn't expect them to be best sellers. If anything the Vertical covers look like Library Binding covers, which is probably why I found that both of the books were Ex-Library books, which would explain the broken cover to Loop.

There's still a few hours left in the day and I have to slice up a cake that's lying around somewhere. I'd have liked to play one of my board games, but there isn't anybody around that is interested in playing board games.

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