• May. 1st, 2013 at 4:40 PM
mathewjpallett: (Ultra Jump)
I was looking for some information on the size of Cadbury's Creme Egg which somehow moved toward Fry's Turkish Delight and onto the original Turkish Delight that was introduced to Europe in the 19th Century. This propelled me towards attempting the recipe myself, particularly as it contains no gluten or dairy products. 

I found a few recipes online, but it wasn't until I looked for tutorials on YouTube that I was able to make any progress. Essentially the confection is made of caramelised sugar and Cornstarch which are cooked separately at first before combining and simmering for an hour until the texture is somewhat firm and slightly transparent.

Rose Water and Food Dye is mixed into the mixture before spooning out into a dish, I had lined the one I was using with Greeseproof paper to enable me to remove it with ease. This Jelly is then set aside to cool at room temperature.

The following day I removed the Turkish Delight, turned it onto a board I'd powdered with Icing sugar mixed with Cornstarch and went about cutting it up into bite-sized pieces and dusting them with more of the icing suger/corn starch mixture before storing it away so it doesn't get scoffed immediately.

I feel this was a small success, especially when I compare it to my previous attempt which looks more like a fondant mess, although I am not so sure that they'll last longer than a week. But it did allow me to try out a watermark which is something I'll have to look into if the Luddites in Parliament don't switch their brains out of neutral, but that's a story for another time.

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