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 For the past few days I have attempted to install a brand new door and handle, something I've been meaning to do for the past six months. The task was not as straightforward as I'd foolishly believed, to begin with the door had to be trimmed back to allow it to fit in the existing door frame, however without the use of an electric circular saw we were left to use a regular carpenter saw which seemed to work well as I began to saw along the marked line, however I began tho grow weary partway through and the rest of the cutting was undertaken by one of my fleeting assistants who had managed to cut a little too much off from the underside of the door.

I then had to drill the 50mm hole for the handle and following the directions printed on the base of the door proceeded to drill on the side where the arrow indicated the lock should go and soon discovered that I was drilling through polystyrene. I late learned while installing the hinges that the lock block was on the opposite side.

But the door handle is held together internally so it's not all bad.


The width of the door also required adjusting which took several hours using this cheese grater like device. I had to stop several times to wipe my brow as it was really tiring work and once I'd finished I put the door back in place to find out there was a bit more work that needed to be done.

Withe the strikeplate finally in place I thought I could rest easy knowing everything was done, however this isn't the case.

The door appears to be warped as there is a 5mm gap at the top of the door while the door is closed, but I don't think I'll be able to do anything about it due to the small fact that I started ion Wednesday Evening thinking it would take a few hours only for it to take the better part of four days. And I still have another door to install before I can draw this little project to a close.

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