Messing about with the Aegis

  • Sep. 5th, 2013 at 6:12 PM
mathewjpallett: (Kannagi)
It's been over two months since my last update and while Stir Fried Product is still some way from completion (and I still have one door to put up) I have at least made progress on a certain model kit I started on so long ago I can't remember when I started. Anyway t I repaired a broken 1/100 scale Aegis Gundam that my brother bought at a car boot sale a while back. I had to replace the hands and try to fix the v-fin and ended up extending the legs with Wave Corporation polycaps and giving the whole model sharper look with the application of Milliput modelling putty and further detail added with Wave Corporation O-Bolts, Hobby-Base 1/100 replacement hands and left-over parts from the Master-Grade Strike-E that's been sitting unfinished since August 2011.

Aegis Gundam Front


Right Side

Aegis Gundam Back

Aegis Gundam Left Side

Left Side

I extended the legs with Wave Corporation polycaps, but also had to use them on the upper arms when the joint snapped at the elbow.


The ball joint for the head also snapped off but I was able to replace it with a neck joint from a 1/144 Wing Gundam kit.

The blades on the feet were glued in place and extended with Milliput, detail was added with Kotobukiya vent and Wave Corporation vernier parts.

The broken V-fin was eventually replaced with a new Bandai Gunpla MS Blade and Milliput was used to fill up gaps that would reveal the extended neckpost  as well as a sharpening the chin to a point so the head now vaguely resembles that of the Zeta Gundam. I'll need to clean it up a bit before I get to priming and painting.

Hobby Link Japan are currently running running a Playing With Plamo competition.

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